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Wheelchair Accessible Vehicles Essex

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From small MPV such as a Kangoo to large vehicles such as Renault Master we have many cars in stock and can meet all your wheelchair accessible vehicles Essex needs.

– Nationwide sales of mobility cars & disabled vehicles
– Fully adapted from £3000 – all accessible
– We can deliver vehicles anywhere in the UK
– Large showrooms with over 50 vehicles
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Disabled people can live more independently if they have wheelchair accessible vehicles Essex. But before you buy a wheelchair car or before you convert your own van, you need to consider some factors. First, you need to consider what type of lift or ramp you should use. You should also consider the different accessories that are essential in making the vehicle more disabled-friendly. Today, there are mechanisms that were proven to be very beneficial to disabled people. These are the remote start and remote activation. One of the main benefits of these mechanisms is that the van can warm up and cool down by itself without having to enter the vehicle. If your area has a climate with extreme temperature the mechanism would be very helpful.



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Having the remote to start the van, you can also operate the lift or ramp. It is better to operate the lift while the van is running so that the battery would not get drained easily. Operating the lift if the van is not running can cause accidents. The lift might stop in the middle of its operation while the occupant and wheelchair is being pushed in. This may lead to accident.

The best benefit of having to start the vehicle remotely is that the disabled person does not need any help from anyone to run the van. By using the remote activation, they can easily deploy the ramp even if they are outside the van. Other accessories that are very significant are tie-downs and wheelchair locks. These are needed for the mobility of the vehicle. The scooter or wheelchair must be secured even if the disabled person is just going to ride or will be driving the vehicle. Today, there are various locks from which you can choose depending on the equipment you are using for mobility. You can get rid of the conversion and installation of accessories process by purchasing a van that is already converted. If you have not purchased a vehicle or car yet, then search for mobility cars specialist in Essex. Doing this would also save you money, effort and time

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