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Wheelchair Accessible Vehicles Loughborough

We have huge stock of used vehicles – all fully converted.

– Cover the whole of UK for sale of accessible vehicles
– Fully converted starting from £3000 – ramps & lifts
– Demonstrations and delivery available
– Come to our showroom – or we’ll bring the car to you!
– Finance options available made just for WAV’s


Wheelchair vehicles Scotland
If you are looking for a brand new wheelchair accessible adapted vehicle, you are primarily concerned on the accessibility of the car. Users of wheelchairs should be able to easily come in and out of the vehicle. The vehicle should be something functional and practical. Fortunately, there are now various vehicles of this type that you can buy in the market. If you need wheelchair accessible cars for you or for your loved one, you can easily acquire one if you know what you need. Buying is not as complicated as many other people think. You can enjoy searching for one as you think of the accessories or additional feature that you need for your own unit.



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The initial step in buying your wheelchair accessible disabled vehicle is to look for options in the market. There are many possibilities that you may want to explore. Choosing this type of vehicle is really fun as this is not the usual scouting for an ordinary vehicle. However, do not get caught with second-rate or outdated vehicles as you can always purchase the modern ones. Modern types of these vehicles are more convenient and comfortable for the disabled drivers or passengers.

Anywhere in the UK – Massive range of adapted accessible vehicles – Contact us today – Used and brand new vehicles.

Areas near Loughborough: Newbold – Coaville – Clipston – Ibstock – Swadlincote – Burton-upon-trent – Markfield – Oakham

Always consider the wheelchair user/s who will ride the vehicle in scouting for the one you are going to buy. If the person is not you, trying bringing them along during your search for the vehicle. In this way, they can assess carefully if the vehicle and its features will work well for them. They can also try driving the vehicle if possible.

However, many wheelchair accessible disabled vehicles Loughborough are more expensive than the traditional vehicles. This is understandable as the features and accessories are special compared to the traditional. In your search, make sure you assess your needs carefully so you would not end up wasting your time and money.

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