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Wheelchair Accessible Vehicles Sheffield

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People with disabilities often face challenges with regards to their travel. While they have physical limitations, most of them want to be independent whenever possible. With this, they can always try making modifications to existing vehicles for them to make adaptive to the situation of people with disabilities. For instance, they can try modifying a van to be a disabled accessible vehicle.


  • The first step is to install a customized seat lift. This should enable individuals to transfer from a wheelchair into a seat that is lower than the usual. This lift could be of great help in transferring an individual to the van for him or her to drive if needed.
  • Installing a ramp or lift to get the wheelchair into the van would be of big help as well. This enables the disabled person to move and manoeuvre more freely.



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  • For disabled accessible vans Sheffield, installing a driver side transfer seat might also be needed. These refer to power adjustable seats that can provide maximum entry as well as exit space within the vehicle.
  • You may also install a hydraulic lift to complete the package. This lift is ideal to facilitate the lifting of a wheelchair or scooter into the van.

When it comes to driving assistance, there are salient points that you should bear in mind when dealing with wheelchair accessible vehicles Sheffield.

  • First, bring the vehicle to a certified dealer than can install hand controls. Particularly, the National Mobility Equipment Dealer Association can provide you the assistance you need in modifying vehicles according to the needs of people with disabled.
  • You might also need to detect the decibel sounds of the vehicle by installing a siren detector. This could help individuals with hearing impairment to function well while driving.
  • Installing a customized steering device might also be needed. You have lots of options and you can pick based on your specific needs. Some of the options include amputee ring, floor mounted steering, steering cuff, and knobs, among others.
  • To complete the modified vehicle, try installing a pedal extender if needed. This helps in raising the accelerator and brakes pedals for better accessibility.

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