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Through Floor Lift for Your Home Every home owner wants the best for their family This is the goal that binds all families together. If the home is comfortable, all the family members are happy. This is also the goal of the maker of the through floor lift. There are some instances and conditions that are affecting the way we walk and even the way we move around the house. If you are one of the many people who are having a hard time climbing the stairs, a lift is what you need. A through floor lift is a product that is the same with an elevator. However, it is smaller and it is designs for residential houses with different levels. A lift comes in a rectangular form and it has a half height door. It can transport you from one floor to another. How does it work? Through floor lift works like any other equipment that is run by electricity. You just have to plug it and it will work perfectly. It is designed in a very simple and easy to understand mechanism so that the people who will be using it will not be confused. There is a remote control that the passenger can use to make it work. With just one press, you will be able to go to the next floor. For others who are thinking about the outages that can happen anytime, there is [...]
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Wheelchair Accessible Treadmill A standard part of gym equipment and offering a dynamic cardiovascular workout Treadmills are a standard part of gym equipment, offering a dynamic cardiovascular workout with several levels of difficulty. They are a great alternative for those who don’t fancy an outdoor jog or walk. While treadmills for able-bodied people have been around for the longest time, there has been no option for those with disabilities. Wheelchair-bound individuals looking for a cardio workout cannot use conventional treadmills. Thanks to the Invictus Active Trainer invented by Paul Cooksey, you can now enjoy a treadmill workout right in your wheelchair. It is basically a set of rollers with a small ramp though newer models incorporate smart features that help users monitor their progress. You can set the trainer up anywhere as it is light and easy to carry. It also doesn’t take up much space. Adjust the position of your chair Once you find a suitable place, lay down the trainer, reverse your wheelchair onto the rollers and wheel away. The more you use it, the more your strength and stamina will increase and you will soon be looking for a stiffer challenge. Here is where the adjustable levels of resistance wil [...]
Wheelchair Cardio Machine A 30-minute workout is enough for you to burn thousands of calories. The Invictus Active Trainer is a piece of equipment designed to allow wheelchair users to enjoy the benefits of an intense upper body workout. Whatever age you are, you can use the features of this trainer to enhance your cardiovascular health while burning away body fat. A 30-minute workout is enough for you to burn thousands of calories. Repeat it several times a week and you will be able to keep obesity, heart disease, type 2 diabetes and a host of other lifestyle diseases at bay. You can build your entire workout regime around the Invictus Active Trainer because of the following reasons: The difficulty level can be adjusted so that you can progressively challenge yourself as you get stronger and improve your pushing technique. You can also adjust the angle of the rollers so that different muscle groups are impacted by your workout. Compact, lightweight and easily foldable, the trainer can be carried and set up virtually anywhere. Tips to get the most out of your trainer: Here are a few pointers to help you reap maximum rewards from your Invictus Active Trainer: Maintain a consistent schedule of at least t [...]
Adaptive Fitness Equipment It is essentially a treadmill for use with wheelchairs Wheelchair users can now get into tip-top physical condition thanks to the Invictus Active Trainer. It is essentially a treadmill for use with wheelchairs; one that can be set up virtually anywhere. You can find this trainer in fitness centres but you can also install one in your living room or bedroom. It is can be installed and left in place for subsequent workouts or be folded up and stored away. This trainer is designed to give disabled people of all ages a rigorous upper body workout. The user reverses their wheelchair onto specially designed rollers using a small ramp. Once the back wheels are in place you can begin pushing the wheels as you normally do, only this time you will remain in the same spot. Increase and improving your cardiovascular health In the process of pushing you get to work on various muscles in your arms, chest, back and abdomen. As you do so your heart rate will increase, improving your cardiovascular health as well as your respiratory system. Another additional benefit is better balance and pushing technique on your wheelchair. The beauty of this kind of adaptive fitness equipment is it gives users multiple l [...]
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Wheelchair Adapted Cars Reddich For Sale & Hire | Wheelchair Accessible Vehicles

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Commuting for wheelchair users can turn into a laborious hassle. Imagine having to wait for someone to help you into a bus or private vehicle. Or having to hail an expensive taxi to try and avoid having to do this cumbersome procedure in public. Small wonder many of them opt out of engagements that require them to leave the house. The nightmare of the daily commute can, however, turn into a pleasure thanks to adapted cars in Reddich. These cars allow you to board and disembark without leaving your wheelchair. THINGS TO CONSIDER BUYING OR HIRING A VEHICLE Wheelchair Adapted Cars Reddich With a foldable ramp stretching from the back door of the car to the ground, w [...]
Wheelchair Cars Monmouth Find a company in your area that has cars, vans or mini buses for sale or for hire - that are wheelchair accessible!

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Wheelchair users often do not enjoy the same freedom to travel as able-bodied people. Unless that is, you have access to a wheelchair accessible vehicle. If you have ever thought about buying a wheelchair car in Monmouth, read on. THINGS TO CONSIDER BUYING OR HIRING A VEHICLE Wheelchair Cars Monmouth The great advantage of a wheelchair accessible vehicle is that the wheelchair user does not have to get out of his chair or transfer to a different seat. The available wheelchair cars in Monmouth will have either a ramp or a lift so that the wheelchair user can enter into the vehi [...]
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