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Batec Mobility UK

Batec Mobility Handbike

Does being strapped to your wheelchair limit you in doing many things?

Do you sometimes feel frustrated that you can’t do as much as you want to because you’ve been in a wheelchair for quite some time?

Being in a wheelchair is certainly not a bed of roses, but it does not mean that you should get used to the idea of a limited lifestyle.

Wouldn’t it be nice to go to places without being assisted by your caretaker? Wouldn’t it be lovely to do as much as you want to do?

Batec mobility handbike is the solution to your problem.

batec mobility

Batec Mobility was founded by Pau Bach in 2006 with the goal to radically improve the mobility of people with physical disabilities. The founder became a quadriplegic at the age of 18 after a road accident. From the time that it was created until now, Batec Mobility never fails to improve lives.

How does Batec handbike work?

It has an Easy-fix anchor system which enables you to connect and disconnect the handbike to your wheelchair in literally a few minutes. Batec wheelchair attachment is compatible to 99% of the wheechairs in the market.

It gives you the independence and convenience of doing the things that you want – you can still use your wheelchair as normal and clip on your batec mobility if you want extra mobility and additional power. It comes with different models that cater to your specific needs.

Models of Batec Mobility Handbike

batec electric

1. Batec Electric Wheelchair Handbike

If you want your wheelchair to turn into an electric power handbike, give this model a go. It gives you the best of both worlds – you can still use your wheelchair normally but if you want an extra kick in speed and mobility, just attach your Batec to your wheelchair and off you go.

It uses a Patent Pending system which makes it easy to connect; even people with severe disabilities can connect their Batec faster than able people to get off their motorcycle. Total weight of this model is 19kg and has a stop speed of 20kph.

Because of Batec Electric Wheelchair Handbike , going to forest trails, countryside, seaside promenade or having a tour around the city has never been easier.

2. Batec Rapid Electric Wheelchair Attachment

This model is the fastest model amongst Batec mobility handbike and even rank at the top against other brands of wheelchair attachment available in the market today. Speed your way to a top speed of 30kph.

If you’re a type of person who wants more out of their wheelchair attachment, this model is the best one for you. It has been specifically designed with the more demanding users in mind. It offers extra endurance, speed and durability over tougher terrain than urban or basic wheelchair attachments. Because it has carbon fibre handlebars and double hydraulic brakes, you can go to longer trips outdoor, enjoy forest lanes and hard to access villages.

btec rapid wheelchair attachment

3. Batec Manual Wheelchair Handbike

If you are health-conscious and want to get fit, this model is ideal for you. You can work on your arms and shoulders while you’re on your manual handbike. It can also reduce the strain on your back and shoulders when you are travelling on steep gradients and long distances.

It is made with narrow turning angle and ultra-grip Maxxis tyres so you can go anywhere you want and can explore so much territories such as forest paths or hard to access alleys.

Using this model is hitting two birds with one stone – you can improve your mobility and have a fit body.

4. Batec Hybrid Wheelchair Handbike

This model is a combination of the Batec Manual and Electric handbikes to deliver the same performance that an electrically assisted bike does. This is perfect for those that need more assistance – the power of the motor will deliver the push that you need.

It enables you to explore places you never thought you can explore. Thanks to Batec Easy-Fix anchor system, you can conveniently attach and detach your handbike and use your manual wheelchair for certain places such as your home, restaurants, etc.

Life is short so live every moment at its fullest. With Batec Mobility Handbike, you can live your life to its fullest.

batec hybrid wheelchair handbike
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