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Disability Info
Disability Info

Disability Services

There are many different services that could be regarded as disability services. For example, visually impaired individuals may be able to watch movies at the cinema with audio description. Hearing impaired individuals may be able to watch films with subtitles. You can often check cinema listings for such services

There are numerous disability services available to those who require them, often provided by law by businesses and by centres of learning. Whether it’s a provision for wheelchair accessibility to buildings and the floors within buildings, or the provision of a higher level of service, you are likely to find disability services available in the area in which you live. Students at third level may be supported by the university, as well as by services outside of the university, to better enable them to study. Dyslexia and those disabilities that run along the autistic spectrum may be catered to. Medical conditions of various kinds may also be catered for. The provision of lecture notes that would otherwise be unavailable may be made available to those with certain disabilities. Dispensations when it comes to certain exams may also be available.

Other disability services such as the provision of alt text on web sites for sight impaired individuals and enhancing computer interfaces on company or college intranets and networks so that they are more easy to navigate may be other services. Services that are provided by the state may be enhanced by those provided by charity organisations in an area or region. Your legal entitlements when it comes to disability may be important to you. You may find a legal representative in your area who specialises in such matters. You may be able to calculate how your needs are assessed by the state or by other bodies when it comes to provision of entitlements and income. 9.12.11.

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