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Disability Info

Severe Disability Premium – Do You Qualify?

You may be in receipt of income support if you are suffering from a disability. However, you may also qualify for a severe disability premium if you meet certain criteria. This is a premium provided by the state, for which those with a disability may qualify alongside other benefits. Premia such as the severe disability premium can be awarded alongside other entitlements – including those that are given by insurance companies. However, your entitlements may be affected by various factors. These include your marital status and living arrangements. They also include factors such as whether anyone is in receipt of carer’s allowance.

The severe disability premium is given alongside the Disability Living Allowance, among other benefits. It has various grades. You may get the lower rate premium if you are single, living alone and no one is in receipt of a carer’s allowance for you. If you are entitled to the higher rates of Disability Living Allowance, you may also get the lower rate of severe disability premium.

You may be able to receive the higher rate of severe disability payments if you are living with a partner and neither of you are in receipt of a carer’s allowance. There are various other stipulations for the receipt of the higher rate of premium. These include such aspects as whether your partner suffers a disability of their own, such as blindness. You partner may be in receipt of carer’s Attendance Allowance. This too may affect the rate at which you are paid the premium. Note that (as mentioned above) the Disability Living Allowance is awarded at various rates as well. These may dictate to a certain extent which level of other payments you will receive.

State benefits of the kind cited above can be affected to a degree if you are in receipt of any kind of salary protection premium from an insurance company. 9/12/11.

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