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Hire an adapted wheelchair accessible vehicle

Disabled Vehicle Hire – Find cars, vans, mini buses to hire which are wheelchair accessible for disabled.

> Short term hire or long term lease
> Competitive prices and arrangements
> Vehicle delivered to and collected from youself
> Full insurance or use your own
> All types of converted and adapted disabled vehicles
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You are no doubt looking for a vehicle to hire which is adapted and can cater for a wheelchair user, either as the passenger or to drive from the wheelchair position. This website can help and provide you with the information and details that you need in order to hire or lease a disabled vehicle in your area of the UK. Whether you wish to hire a disabled vehicle for short term such as a couple of days or even lease a car or van for a couple of months you are sure to find the best deal, best service and most competitive price using this website. You can also receive information about hiring a disbaled car which has been adapted for hand controls, a larger vehicle with is wheelchair accessible and has a ramp to gain access or even a van or mini bus which may be needed for an event, such as a chairity organisation. Whatever disabled vehicle hire you are looking for all you need to do is provide your details in the form on the right, ensuring all your contact details are correct and you will then receive information and the types, prices and where to hire from in your local area.

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