Disability Vehicles Dartford

Disability Vehicles Dartford

Enjoy Convenience of Wheelchair Accessible Vehicles From Disability Vehicles Dartford

Being disabled is in itself a challenge to a person, as they have to plan their life around their condition. This means they have to choose the right equipment, figure out the most accessible routes as well as the easiest way to travel. Even if they can manage different activities in their own homes and workplace, it becomes a challenge when they need to travel. Driving is taxing, and using public transport even more complicated so for disabled people the manufacture of wheelchair accessible vehicles must be a welcome relief.

Insights into Wheelchair Accessible Vehicles (WAVs)
Also known as adapted vehicles or mobility vehicles, wheelchair accessible vehicles enable people with disability to travel with ease and convenience and vehicles come with features adaptable for people with physical disability. Such vehicles have provisions for easy entry of wheelchairs and comfortable seating inside.

Older models of minivans and SUVs can also be modified to accommodate wheelchairs and there are also WAVs in the market for people with disabilities who want to take the driver’s seat.

Types of Wheelchair Accessible Vehicles (WAVs)
Four different types of WAVs are available in the market today. Early models of the Wheelchair Accessible Vehicles involved conversion of ordinary vehicles. These included a ramp and enough space to accommodate passengers using wheelchairs. The key element is to have enough space and improve accessibility for people with disability enabling them to access the vehicles while still in their wheelchairs. The only challenge with such a design is cost.

Another type of modified vehicle is a Minivan. This is less costly than the first model mentioned above but has less space; however there are newer models of Minivans such as the Dodge Grand Caravan that are considerably more spacious.

Sport Utility Vehicles (SUVs) are another type popular with wheelchair users, and with their major modification being the side doors.

The fourth option is to rent a wheelchair accessible vehicle. In this case, the customer can rent any type of the above-mentioned vehicles at a fee for a specified period.

Disability Vehicles Dartford ~ the best option for WAVs

Disability Vehicles Dartford is the website for adapted vehicles. For people with any disability, finding a vehicle to suit their needs will really make a difference in their lives and this retailer works towards convenience and comfort for wheelchair users when travelling.

At Disability Vehicles Dartford, you will find different options of adapted vehicles at very favourable prices and this makes it easier for you to get a vehicle exactly matching your needs.

There are various considerations when buying such a vehicle. You need to consider how you intend to use it. If you are going to be carrying other people, think about the capacity and luggage. You should also consider the seating arrangement and method of entry. For those buying one for personal use, consider the height and size of your wheelchair, parking space and your taste preference.

At Disability Vehicles Dartford, you can rent vehicles at affordable rates for any number of days you wish. Models like the VW Caravelle, Grand Voyager and Adapted Ford Galaxy are available both used and new for you to buy or rent.

Current Adapted Cars in the Disability Vehicles Dartford Database – use our quick links to find the perfect Adapted Vehicle for you.

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Browse WAV available for sale in the UK from the leading WAV trade dealers and private sellers – free home demonstrations and delivery is available on most vehicles – or find a local dealer to visit in person.

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Compare and includes a range of new wheelchair vehicles which are available to buy privately or through the Motability scheme – from the leading WAV specialists in the UK.

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We aim to match your exact requirements to the best possible WAV. We are proud to have played our part in helping thousands of people across the UK increase both their mobility and freedom.

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