Wheelchair Access Vehicles Gillingham

Wheelchair Access Vehicles Gillingham

Useful Details about Wheelchair Accessible Vehicles
In the past, people with disabilities have had a difficult time getting in and out of vehicles. This was mostly because vehicles did not include suitable features for disabled people and getting in and out of a vehicle with ease and convenience remained a problem. Today, however, those with disabilities can sigh with relief as technology has enabled the manufacture of wheelchair accessible vehicles.

An important aspect of wheelchair adapted vehicles is the presence of lifts. These make it easy for people with disability to get in and out of the vehicle with the minimum of effort and trouble. The lift comes in two types; those operated manually and others using an electric motor.

Not all vehicle manufacturing companies make disabled vehicles but both large vans and minivans can easily be converted to allow good wheelchair access. For people with disabilities who want to drive themselves, there are models of vehicles that are adaptable to their condition. These vehicles have several features for people with special needs, and examples of such changes include joysticks, as opposed to traditional steering, pedals, swivel seats that are easy to access and a removable driver’s seat.

Categories of Wheelchair Accessible Vehicles
Anyone wanting to purchase a wheelchair modified car has two options ~ side or rear entry WAV’s.

The side-entry adapted vehicles are designed with one part of their floor lowered to allow access for wheelchairs. The rear-entry vehicles will have had some part of the floor lowered and in some cases the entire floor lowered to allow for more space. Wheelchair users can therefore choose the design that best suits their needs.

Factors to Consider When Buying Wheelchair Accessible Vehicles
Side entry wheelchair vehicles usually come at higher cost than rear entry disability vehicles due to the cost of having a lift installed.

Ground Clearance
This is the distance between the ground and the lowest part of the vehicle. As the rear entry vehicles are more elevated they have better ground clearance compared to the side entry vehicles.

Seating Flexibility
Side entry wheelchair accessible vehicles will probably have more seating flexibility than rear entry vehicles.

Parking Space
When choosing the type of vehicle, always consider the design of your parking space. A rear entry vehicle is suitable for those with limited parking space. However, if this space is too narrow to extend a rear ramp, then opt for a side-entry vehicle.

Fold-out and In-floor Ramps
A number of WAVs use fold-out ramps instead of in-floor. This is because their manual operation makes it easier and more reliable for users. The in-floor ramps are designed to pull into the floor of the vehicle thus reducing the headroom and this makes it more awkward in the vehicle for tall wheelchair users.

Where do You Find Wheelchair Accessible Vehicles?

Whether looking for new or used wheelchair accessible vehicles, Wheelchair Access Vehicles Gillingham is the best place to visit. You will find a variety of vehicles, which come with plenty of modifications to meet the needs of different clients. You can also hire a vehicle of your choice from this retailer if that is what you are looking for.

At Wheelchair Access Vehicles Gillingham, you not only get vehicles in good condition and at an affordable price, but also enjoy excellent service from competent and friendly staff members who will readily answer any question you may have about the different models of vehicles.

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