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Disabled Wheelchair Vehicles Walsall

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When Choosing a Particular WAV at Disabled Wheelchair Vehicles Walsall there are Certain Factors to take into Consideration and in Particular the Nature and Extent of your Disability/Ability

  • The first consideration must be how your disability will affect your ability to drive as driving if you are unfit is illegal.
  • What rules are laid down about driving whilst suffering a disability?

First and foremost you must inform the Driver & Vehicle Licensing Agency and also your Insurance Company about your disability or injury. The DVLA, after various permissive consultations, will decide if you are able to drive safely. They will decide: Whether to issue you with/let you keep your full driving licence


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They may issue you with a licence that has a time limit and this would be reviewed at the end of that time.

You may be asked to go to a Mobility Centre for an assessment or asked to take a driving test.

A Provisional Disability Assessment Licence may be issued and your full licence withdrawn (if you already have one). You may then be asked to undergo training and an assessment.

The different types of disability/injury can have an impact on the particular WAV that you might be looking for at Disabled Wheelchair Vehicles Walsall.



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For example:

  • If you suffer from severe arthritis, stiff joints, weakness, pain and are wheelchair bound but still wish to drive you could consider having a WAV that is fitted with primary and secondary car controls. You would then need to have a pedal guard fitted to ensure your feet do not interfere with the pedals.


  • If the control and strength in your legs is not good, more brake assistance can be added in order to reduce the required effort.
  • If your right leg is more affected than the left, you can have a flip-up left foot accelerator installed.
  • If you need advice further advice on this, Disabled Wheelchair Vehicles Walsall staff will be happy to discuss your personal requirements, and it is also worthwhile getting in touch with your local Mobility Centre.

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If you have definitely decided on the purchase of a Wheelchair adapted car, further points to consider are:

  • Think about the future. Will what suits you now, be suitable for your needs next year or the year after?
  • If you take a test drive do so when you are feeling tired and least able, not first thing in the morning when you are feeling more able to cope.
  • Take advice but make sure you get want you want and need yourself.
  • Try as many controls as you are able.

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