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Driving if you suffer from Parkinson’s

Being diagnosed with Parkinson’s doesn’t automatically mean that you will lose your licence for Mobility Wheelchair Van Nantwich. However you must let the licensing agency know at once and you may have to undertake a driving or medical assessment.


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Some of the questions that may be asked by the DVLA are:

  • Are you on medication for Parkinson’s? You will be asked for brief details and the amount of dosage.
  • Do you have any problems remembering things?
  • Do you have any difficulty when you are trying to concentrate?
  • Are your reaction times slow and do you suffer from cramping in the muscles or pains in any limb?
  • Do you suffer from any involuntary movements?
  • Do you get confusing about matters?
  • Do you find yourself very sleepy in the daytime?
  • Are you able to deal with your own personal care or do you need someone to help you?
  • Are you able to control your vehicle safely at all times?

Sometimes the drugs a Parkinson’s sufferer has to take can have side effects that may cause limiting daytime sleepiness. However this is more likely with severe cases of Parkinson’s and does not mean that you have to stop driving unless you suddenly experience excessive sleepiness or sudden episodes of sleep in the daytime. If this does occur, you should not drive and should consult your doctor or specialist.



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As soon as the DVLA has assessed your condition it will decide on one of the following:

  • They may issue you with a licence with no restriction.
  • Alternatively they may issue a license for 1, 2 or 3 years. The decision will be reviewed when the licence expires.
  • They could refuse or withdraw your current license.
  • They may issue a license but with restrictions to vehicles with necessary adaptations.

Mobility Wheelchair Van Nantwich

Your doctor or specialist will not inform the licensing agency about your ill health but they may contact them if you have been told to stop driving but continue to do so. You may give the DVLA your permission to approach your GP for any relevant medical information that is necessary for an assessment of your mobility wheelchair van Nantwich driving ability.

Inform your insurance company

You must inform your insurance company that you have Parkinson’s and about any changes in your health that affects your mobility wheelchair van Nantwich driving ability. You must also tell them about any special adaptations you may have made to the insured vehicle. Any attempt to make a false statement or withhold relevant information about your condition may render your policy invalid.

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