Wheelchair Access Cars West Midlands

Wheelchair Access Cars West Midlands

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For anyone who has not previously been the owner of a Wheelchair Accessible Vehicle, or WAV, the most important change to their lifestyle must certainly be a greater freedom: to be able to choose when and where they travel and, more importantly, not having to ask family or friends to ferry them to various appointments or take them shopping.

If you think that a WAV would be something suitable for you and the family, the experience of buying one from Wheelchair Access Cars West Midlands would be no different from buying an ordinary vehicle – there is certain to be some makes and models that you like more than others and it may take a little while to find the right vehicle for you and which fits in with your needs and lifestyle.

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  • Would you be travelling as a passenger in order that you could sit in your wheelchair?
  • Alternatively would you like to travel as the driver with the option to transfer from your wheelchair to the driving seat?
  • One of the first considerations is the entry/ exit into the vehicle and whether you consider a back or side entry would be the most suitable.
  • If you find a Wheelchair Adapted Car that you like and it is fitted with a ramp, think about where you regularly park and make sure that there is sufficient space to extend the ramp in order to facilitate your wheelchair and allow entry into the vehicle without too much hassle.
  • Consider whom you travel with regularly whether with partner/husband/wife/children as this will dictate how many seats you will need to fit in comfortably together with a wheelchair.
  • If you were considering travelling as a passenger in the front, perhaps a Wheelchair Access Car with a side entrance would be suitable as you could easily transfer from your wheelchair to the passenger seat.

First and foremost the main consideration should be what is most comfortable and the best vehicle to suit you and the family. Think about what features you would like and ensure that they meet with your particular mobility needs.

There are many different makes, types and models of Adapted Vehicles on the market now and it would therefore be an idea to have a good look around and have two or three test drives before you decide on any particular vehicle.

Why not have a look at our database of new and used vehicles at Wheelchair Access Cars West Midlands – this will give you a good idea of some of the models, makes, colours and, always an important factor when buying a vehicle, an idea of the price involved.

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