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When buying a WAV consider the following:

  • If you choose a WAV that incorporates a ramp for ease of entry and exit, ensure there is enough space to position the ramp easily.
  • Think about the size of the WAV (Wheelchair Accessible Vehicles Chester)~ if you will be parking in the garage on the drive, make sure that the WAV will fit in either easily.
  • Think about whether you would need a lift to assist entry/exit or would a ramp be sufficient.
  • Would you need assistance getting in and out of the vehicle or would you be able to cope on your own?
  • Find out about what the NCAP Euro rating is.
  • Make sure the WAV (Wheelchair Accessible Vehicles Chester) is suitable for your usual travel route and think about its driveability in traffic.
  • The cost of a WAV (Wheelchair Accessible Vehicles Chester) is a major consideration and should be thought about carefully to get the best deal possible.
  • Would it resell easily if you change vehicles later on?
  • Contact your insurance company and find out the cost of insurance. Get a number of quotes from difference companies.
  • Decide whether a diesel or petrol would be the best for you. Do you travel a great deal? If you do a diesel might be better as far as fuel consumption is concerned.
  • Some features come as standard but think about any special features you might need.
  • Make sure there is enough room for any medical equipment or luggage you need to carry on a daily basis and that it can be secured safely.
  • Do any passengers travel with you? If so, make sure there are sufficient seats to accommodate them.
  • Always have a test drive to make sure that you can handle, steer and use the brakes without a problem.
  • Would you like a manual vehicle or automatic? Would you like or need electric windows, air conditioning and central locking?
  • Make sure that you that you have un-obscured views out of the front, back and side windows.
  • If your wheelchair is going to be stationed in the back of the vehicle ensure there is sufficient room for it and that it can be secured safely.
  • Ensure that you can get in and out of the WAV (Wheelchair Accessible Vehicles Chester) and have enough room so that you do not hit your head when doing so.
  • Lastly, ensure that the vehicle you choose is easy to drive, comfortable, is what you want and that you are happy with it.

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