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Wheelchair Accessible Vehicles Warwick

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  • You need to make sure that the Adapted Vehicle has sufficient room and enough space for all your needs whether medical or otherwise.
  • Are you planning to travel either as a driver or a passenger? Have you the expertise and also the necessary mobility to be able to operate the Accessible Car?
  • A vehicle with automatic transmission might be worth considering if you plan to drive yourself.


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  • Make sure you can sit with comfort either as a driver, or if you travel as a passenger.
  • Find out if you can open and shut the doors easily and make sure they open/shut with ease.
  • Is the seatbelt easily accessible, is it comfortable and can you fasten it without difficulty?
  • Think about any equipment you may need daily and have to carry with you. Does the boot have sufficient space for this?
  • What about the ease of transfer from the wheelchair to the vehicle and vice versa?
  • A reversing alarm might be a useful accessory when parking in order to avoid running into any obstructions.
  • Make sure that the boot will open safely without any trouble.
  • Ensure that the seat can be positioned to a suitable height that would be comfortable for you.
  • Make sure that there is good vision out of the windows and mirrors.
  • Check that the doors are wide enough to allow access for the wheelchair.
  • A test drive should be made of at least two vehicles either by you, if you intend to drive yourself, or by the person who will be driving you. This is easily arranged at Wheelchair Accessible Vehicles Warwick.
  • Would a ramp at the rear of the vehicle be suitable? Make sure there would be enough room to extend the ramp if you park in front of your home or driveway.
  • Think about how long the Wheelchair Accessible Vehicle would be and if the height is low enough to access, say, a multi storey car park.



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  • Check out the covering of the seats as certain types ensure that transfers are carried out more easily than others.
  • Decide whether a medium sized Wheelchair Adapted Car would be big enough for your requirements. Consider the number of people who would normally travel with you and how many seats would be needed.
  • If you travel mainly alone a small Adapted Vehicle might be sufficient for trips to the local supermarket etc.

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