Wheelchair Cars Bloxwich

Wheelchair Cars Bloxwich

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Wheelchair cars Bloxwich or WAVs, are motor vehicles that allow wheelchair users to travel in their wheelchair or to transfer from their wheelchair to a car seat. There are many types available, and we would like to provide a guide to wheelchair users on how to select the type of wheelchair accessible vehicle is best suited for them and how to get one.


Wheelchair Cars Bloxwich

What are the advantages of wheelchair accessible vehicle?

Wheelchair accessible vehicles Bloxwich enable quick transfers going in and out, and gets rid of the need to stow the wheelchair in the boot, allowing the wheelchair user more freedom when traveling.

Wheelchair cars may have a built-in ramp or lift if it is a larger vehicle. A winch may be installed in the vehicle which allows safe and easy lifting of both the wheelchair user and his wheelchair. No more risks of injury for those who assist the wheelchair user. The access ramp or lift may be installed from the side or the back of the vehicle.

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Wheelchair Bloxwich

The flooring may be lowered or the roof may be elevated to allow for more room to move about when inside the vehicle. A specialist seating system may be made available which provides the necessary ergonomic support and pressure relief while traveling.

And for safety, the wheelchair is secured via tie-downs or specialized mechanisms that prevent the wheelchair from moving when the vehicle is in transit. The wheelchair user would also have his own restraint like a regular seat belt.

Wheelchair vehicles Bloxwich for drivers

There are Wheelchair accessible vehicles as well that are built for wheelchair users that can drive on their own. These systems allow the user to be completely independent. Here are the features of a wheelchair accessible vehicle for drivers:

  • These vehicles may be modified to adapt to each individual driver and to accommodate the specifications of the driver’s wheelchair.
  • The doors, ramps, lifts, and docking systems would all be automated, eliminating the need for a companion to help the wheelchair user out.
  • The driver can either drive from his wheelchair or can transfer to the driver’s seat from the wheelchair.
wheelchair cars bloxwich

What are the different sizes of Wheelchair accessible vehicles?

The smallest wheelchair accessible vehicle can accommodate 1 wheelchair user and one other person, and the biggest ones would have more room for several other passengers. Those than can accommodate more than 1 wheelchair user such as vans or minivans are generally used as buses or minibuses.

Picking out the wheelchair accessible vehicle to use depends on the following factors:

  • Specifications of the wheelchair (weight, sitting height, size)
  • The size of the traveling party
  • Luggage and equipment needed during the travel

These are just some the basic guidelines to help in picking out the right wheelchair accessible vehicle to get.

You can get more information about wheelchair accessible vehicles on this site.

There are plenty of tips available on how to choose the right wheelchair accessible vehicles, the types of vehicles available in the market. It also provides the means to locate and acquire one for yourself. They work with all the leading dealers in the UK to provide the widest availability. On this site, you can buy, hire, or sell wheelchair accessible vehicles.

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