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Although being the owner of a Blue Badge helps you to park your wheelchair cars Uttoxeter near your destination, either as a driver or a passenger the badge is only intended for on-street parking. Off-street car parks, including those operated by local authorities and supermarket or hospital car parks are governed by different or separate rules.

Although off-street car park operators provide parking places for disabled people, do not always assume you can park for free as it is up to the car park owner to decide whether badge holders can park free of charge or not.


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The Blue Badge does not allow you to park your wheelchair cars Uttoxeter anywhere you want and, if you park where it would cause a danger to other road users, you could risk a fine or receive a Penalty Charge Notice. Care should be taken not to park in the following areas:

  • Where double white lines are shown in the middle of the road (even if one of the lines is shown as broken).
  • In a bus lane during operation hours.
  • On a pedestrian crossing including areas marked with zig zag lines.
  • In a cycle lane.
  • In a bay marked for the use of other vehicles, for example taxi, ambulance or a loading bay.
  • On a school ‘keep clear’ marking.
  • In an area where parking has been discontinued with yellow signs.
  • Any area that causes an obstruction or will hold up the flow of traffic.
  • On a pavement.
  • Anywhere that will block access for other road users.



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Please Note:

If you are not a driver yourself, you should share all this information with the person who will be driving you. You cannot be wheel clamped legally on the public highway (‘on-street’) for a parking offence, provided you are correctly displaying a valid Blue Badge according to all the rules of the scheme. Parking in a forbidden area or where it could cause danger to or cause obstruction other road users is an offence, which could result in a parking fine. You could also be prosecuted, risk having your car towed away and having the badge withdrawn.

Your vehicle (wheelchair cars Uttoxeter) will have to be moved if requested by a Policeman or Traffic Warden. Please note that whilst travelling outside England, but still within the UK, concessions may not always be identical. Always check with the relevant authorities in Wales, Scotland or Northern Ireland.

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