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Call For Cheaper Car Insurance For Young Drivers

New proposals have been put forward by Labour where young drivers would pay less for car insurance if they only used their cars for driving too and from work, college or university.

With prices very high for car insurance this is pricing some people out of being able to drive. The idea is that if the insurance is lower for travelling to work or college it will mean young people (17 – 24 years old) are able to take up job offers or remain in education. Statistics show that younger drivers are involved in more accidents which is the reason for higher car insurance premiums. Men aged under 25 are said to be five times more likely to be involved in a road accident collision then someone aged 30-39.

The insurers concerns are that there is a link between accidents and late night driving, therefore if there were specified journeys where young drivers were not allowed to use the insured car for any other purpose than to work/college it would be cheaper to insure their car and increase their prospects.

Apart from this idea from Labour there are other alternatives put forward to look at ways in which car insurance for young drivers could be reduced. This includes ABI who think another idea is for all drivers under 25 to take a second car test after two years to prove their still good enough to drive, as well as restrictions on overnight driving and the number of passengers allowed in the vehicles.

The reason the insurance in higher is due to the high number of young deaths on the roads, and because of this risk car insurers keep costs high which is an issue for every young driver.

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