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Made To Measure Wheelchairs

If you are a wheelchair user and use a chair for general every day needs then a made to measure wheelchair is available on the market and is something that you should consider.

Wheelchair available through the NHS are okay but if you use a chair all the time then you really need one that fits you, feels confortable and is much better to get around on a daily basis – not to mention that it “looks better”.

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types of wheelchairs available to you.

With a made to measure custom wheelchair you can really have any part of it to your exact specification – for example – the seat will be to your exact width, the backrest will be exactly how you want it and the front foot rest will be where you want your feet to be.

A custom manual wheelchair is really the route you need to take, all the celebritities and sports people that you see will use made to measure wheelchairs and the benefits you will get will make a huge difference to your daily life.

There are different wheelchair manufacturers across the UK and the world and it is recommended that you visit – or ask for a home visit – where you can be measured up and choose how you would like your wheelchair to be

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