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Driving is a task enjoyed by many. Comfortable travel is also a hobby for many a passenger. Wheelchair users are no exception, hence the need for cars that suit their needs. The invention of Wheelchair Accessible Vehicles Lancashire thus came as a blessing. These are special vehicles, usually fitted with powered lifts, ramps or swivel sits. These adaptations make life easier for a wheelchair user to board; albeit as a driver or passenger, without leaving the wheelchair itself.

wheelchair accessible vehicles lancashire

Categories of Wheelchair Accessible Vehicles

Ranging from Saloon cars to SUV vans, the types of Wheelchair Accessible Vehicles vary in terms of features, size, and layout.

The Features of Wheelchair Vehicles Lancashire.

Among the features incorporated into these unique vehicles include:

  • Ramps
  • Lifts
  • Access doors
  • Floor and roof positioning
  • Wheelchair tie-downs

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The ramp is a built-in wedge that automatically disengages from the door right to the ground. The slope allows the wheelchair user to mount the car without any struggle whatsoever.Alternatively, the lifts are specialised machines that carry the wheelchair into the car. They are used instead of the ramps for larger WAV vehicles Lancashire like trucks and SUVs.

The wheelchair user either enters the car from the side door or the back door. Vans can be fitted with ramps on their spacious trunks. The wheelchair then easily climbs from the rear into the vehicle.The manufacturer may reconstruct wheelchair accessible vehicle with either a raised roof or a lowered floor, or both. This is dependent on the needs of the client.

The final feature is the wheelchair tie-downs. These are components that hold the wheelchair in place while inside the car. This makes the bearer have a comfortable, rather than a bumpy ride.Note that there are Wheelchair Access Vehicles Lancashire specialised for drivers as well. The user can, therefore, drive as normally as other drivers. The doors, ramps and docking system are all automated such that the wheelchair user can operate without human help.

Wheelchair Accessible Vehicles by Size

1. Small-sized

Usually, such vehicles carry a maximum of four people. A ramp is the most ideal due to the limited space. The floor of the vehicle is closer to the ground to simplify both boarding and alighting. The ramp is hence inclined at a lower angle, reducing the effort of climbing into the car.

2. Medium-sized

This is suitable for a relatively larger wheelchair and lots of luggage or equipment. The vehicle has between five to seven seats. A ramp or a lift could be fitted into such vehicles; the former is the preferred system.

3. Large-sized

These vehicles are appropriate for larger, heavier wheelchairs and many passengers. Also, a higher quantity of equipment is catered for by the extra space. Only lifts can be fitted into big vehicles due to the distance from the ground and the ability of lifts to carry heavy weight.

How to Acquire a Wheelchair Accessible Vehicle

There are two ways for one to access this unique vehicle. Depending on the level of need, one may opt to:

a) Buy

One can decide to buy such a vehicle on a permanent basis. The price range depends on the requirements of the customer. Also, the complex the systems fitted, the more costly the vehicle will be.

vehicles lancashire
b) Hire

The cars for hire services extend to this type of vehicle too. Renting a car is appropriate for trips and temporary use. The fees charged are quite affordable. That is why most customers with a family member or friend in a wheelchair resort for this option. Several dealers are offering this specific type of service with their own tariffs, generated on their own terms. The choice lies with you, the customer.

You can quickly order for your preferred service from you supplier’s online web page. Websites of companies dealing with this vehicles may state that ‘We work with all dealers in the UK’ or ‘You can buy, hire or sell with us’.

To conclude, the benefits of a Wheelchair Accessible Vehicle are immense. They offer wheelchair users a comfortable ride as drivers or passengers. On top of that, entering and getting off is now easier. Finally, the variety of vehicles on the market and the option to purchase or higher, bring all clients to the fold.

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