Disabled Baths & Showers Harrogate | Accessible Walk In Bath Shower

Disabled Showers
Disabled Showers

Disabled Baths & Showers Harrogate

A ‘disabled’ bath and shower is available as a modern bath and our huge range of designs will meet any needs and requirments. Having a walk in bath or shower makes it very accessible for all – allowing you to enjoy bathing without the hassle.

If you are looking for prices then please complete our online form and we can send you a brochure – this will also show our full range of bathign solutions for you to browse through – contact us today.

Disabled Showers
Disabled Showers

Disabled Baths & Showers Harrogate | Accessible Walk in Bath Shower

Disabled Showers

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If you’re currently relying on others to assist you in and out of your conventional bathtub, you may want to explore having a disabled bath installed in your home.  These particular units are designed to assist those with mobility issues to easily get in and out of the bath without requiring assistance from others.  This allows you regain independence and improve your quality of life.

Today’s accessible bathrooms come in a wide variety of designs, shapes, colours and sizes making it easier than ever to find a solution that is suitable for your current bathroom.  These tubs have several safety features that help reduce the risk that you’ll fall, trip or slip while entering or exiting the bath.  There is also a large selection of tubs that allow you to customize various features and even add some luxury items such as heated water jets.

While there are many companies offering accessible bath installations, we can help assist you in finding the right company for the job.  We’ll have a reliable and qualified installation team visit your home to measure the bathroom and check the current fixtures.  They will then offer you some information on your options and layouts before giving you a detailed quote.  If you decide to go ahead, they’ll schedule a time for the installation and professional fit your bathroom with your new accessible tub.

Contact us today and we can help you gain all the information you need about the products and options available for your walk in bath Harrogate.  We can also help you contract qualified professionals from your area of the UK to install your tub in your new accessible bathroom.

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