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Disabled Showers
Disabled Showers

Disabled Shower Portsmouth

If you are looking for walk in showers and baths which are easy accessible and make bathing safer and more convenient then we can provide you with a product and service that will meet your needs.

Disabled showers Portsmouth are competitivley priced and whether you require the full installation service or the individual units we can be a help – for advice and/or a free quote please complete the online form.

Disabled Showers
Disabled Showers
Disabled Showers

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Disabled Shower Portsmouth | Walk In Bath & Shower
FREE Quote

“…I recommend getting an easy access bath – shower in comfort!…”

Restoring independence is one of the reason so many people are replacing their conventional bathtub with a walk in bath.  These fixtures are designed to allow the user to easily enter and exit the bath and come with a number of features that will help assist the process, including low sides, transfer bars and built in seats.

As you explore the various designs and models of disabled shower Portsmouth, you’ll quickly notice that the selection is quite vast.  You’ll have various models, configurations and safety features available to you that will allow you to select and customize a product that will meet your specific needs.  Additional items such as transfer and support bars to assist you in getting in and out of the bath as well desired items as whirlpool jets are all available in these new accessible tubs.

While it may seem like a daunting task, creating an accessible bathroom with a new bathtub is as easy as contacting us.  Using out contacts for companies operating in your area, we will have a representative from a qualified company visit your home at a time convenient to you in order to take measurements and provide you with a competitive quote on refitting your bathroom.  Once the details are worked out, the same company will complete the installation process for you.

While the task of finding a company to install a new walk in bath Portsmouth in your home may seem quite intimidating, we can help provide you with the information you need and connect you with a reputable company operating in your area.

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