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Disability cars Weymouth

Take your time to have a good look around and see what is available in disability cars Weymouth

Whether you call it a Wheelchair Vehicle, Disabled Car or a Wheelchair Accessible Vehicle, the meaning is the same – a vehicle that will carry you and your wheelchair, give you independence and freedom to travel where and whenever you wish without having to rely on anyone else to drive you, having to use public transport or, more expensively, call a taxi when you need to go shopping or to visit your doctor etc.


disability cars weymouth
One of the first things to bear in mind when buying such a vehicle is the size that you will require. You must ensure that the car will take your wheelchair easily and you will have to measure the height, width and length of your chair bearing in mind that many WAVs will accommodate a 29″ width but, depending on the conversion of the vehicle, the height will be different, especially if the floor has been lowered. If you are tall, this is a main consideration, as you certainly want to have complete unobstructed sight through the windscreen and out of every mirror and window when driving with disability cars Weymouth.

If you plan to travel alone a small car with perhaps four seats would be sufficient but if other people will be travelling with you a medium sized vehicle would be more suitable particularly if you need to carry any disability equipment with you at all times.

Whatever your decision, you won’t be sorry that you decided to buy a disability cars Weymouth and you will wonder why you didn’t take the plunge and buy one sooner.



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If you would usually have four or five passengers with you or if your wheelchair is quite large then a bigger vehicle would have to be considered.

Take your time to have a good look around and see what is available in disability cars Weymouth, always take at least one test drive and, if you are not sure, go away and think about it or ask your family and friends for advice – you don’t have to take it!

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