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Motoring after a brain injury

Although you may be anxious to return to driving after such an injury don’t forget that it will take time to recover and to find out what the long-term effects of the injury might be.

One of the difficulties may be that you might not have a realistic understanding of the effects of your injury and may not be able to judge accurately what you are capable of. Alternatively you may find that your family try to discourage you from driving and are over protective when, in fact, you are perfectly capable.

However, driving is illegal if you are unfit to do so and you must inform the DVLA and also the company that insures you about your injury. The DVLA will inform you, after various consultations, whether they consider you are fit to drive and will issue you with the type of licence they think is appropriate.



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Driving assessment

If there is any doubt at all about your ability to drive an expert assessment is a must not only for your own peace of mind but also to satisfy the DVLA. Mobility Centres will provide you with an impartial assessment and these generally include driving on local highways. They will tell you whether you should drive or not, what effect the injury has had on your thinking and seeing, how this might affect your ability to drive and how to help overcome any problems by advising on what adaptations might be made to your vehicle to help overcome any physical problems.

Choosing a car with the right features for your particular injury or fitting the right adaptations can help enormously in overcoming any difficulties that may arise from your injury.



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If you do go back to driving with a full licence, remember:

  • Allow for more frequent breaks as you may tire more easily than before your injury.
  • Ask your doctor or consultant if the medication you are taking will have an adverse effect on your driving.
  • Don’t drink and drive as alcohol can have much more effect on a person who has had a brain injury.
  • Symptoms that make a difference to your thinking can also make a difference to how you drive, such as slower reactions; you may be more easily distracted or get muddled. Your memory may be patchy resulting in a reduced ability to correctly gauge distance or speed and to work out what may be happening in a traffic situation.

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