Wheelchair Vehicles In Swindon

Wheelchair Vehicles In Swindon

Find a company in your area that has cars, vans or mini buses for sale or for hire – that are wheelchair accessible!

If you, like many wheelchair users find that getting out and about is sometimes just not worth the bother, then read on. There are many new and used wheelchair vehicles in Swindon for sale, and buying one of these adapted cars could really improve your quality of life.


Wheelchair vehicles Scotland
Wheelchair accessible vehicles are specially designed so that wheelchair users can get into and out of the vehicle without having to leave their wheelchair. Ramps are the most common, and least expensive way to achieve this. Most of the available wheelchair vehicles in Swindon will probably have a ramp that folds down at the back of the vehicle. If you are considering purchasing this type of vehicle either you or your helper will need to be able to open the doors and deploy the ramp.

Electrically operated lifts are another method to get you and your wheelchair into the vehicle. These require less physical effort to use as they are completely controlled electronically from either a control panel or a hand-held remote. Lifts also mean that you do not have to propel yourself up and down the slope of the ramp.



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You simply roll yourself onto the flat platform, push the button, rise up, and roll off into the vehicle. Some people may feel exposed or vulnerable when using a lift, so be sure to give one a try before making any decisions about which wheelchair vehicle in Swindon to purchase.

Lifts have the added advantage of requiring less space behind or beside the vehicle in which to be deployed. They do, however, require regular maintenance and servicing to make sure that they keep functioning correctly.
Getting around in a wheelchair accessible vehicle is easy and fun. So, check out our list of dealers of new and used wheelchair vehicles in Swindon and start enjoying life more.

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