Wheelchair Rollers on The Superhuman Show

Adapted Renault Kangoo

he Superhuman Show on Channel 4 recently featured the Invictus Active Trainer – they are wheelchair
rollers suitable for any manual wheelchair. Kris Saunders-Stowe was putting Ade Adepitan through his
paces on the show and racing at the end.

The Invictus Active Trainer is a great bit of exercise equipment and can be delivered anywhere in the World.
The price is £799.

You can get fit and active and lose weight as a wheelchair user!

Suitable for any wheelchair! – records your speed, distance, heart rate and calories!

Get fit as a wheelchair user – check out the Invictus Active Trainer Here

The Invictus Active Trainer is fantastic – you just wheel up onto them and start pushing – it records you fitness and speed.
There is also a mobile app so it connects and displays your speed, distance and heart rate!

Compact and portable wheelchair training rollers which can be delivered anywhere in the World!

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