Wheelchair Access Vehicles Halifax

Wheelchair Access Vehicles Halifax

Wheelchair Access Vehicles Halifax

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Although requiring access to a vehicle in a wheelchair is seen by many people as an obstacle to independent travel either as a driver or as a passenger, this is certainly not the case.

There are many solutions available to wheelchair users allowing them to travel in comfort and safety in their wheelchairs, either as a driver or a passenger, in wheelchair access vehicles Halifax – designed or adapted specifically for their use.

Wheelchair vehicles Halifax, otherwise known as WAVs, are available from a variety of sources and can be purchased both new and second-hand from a number of WAV dealers throughout the UK.  Many second-hand dealers in the UK can be seen at in our online used showroom.

  • Nationwide coverage – for sale & for hire
  • Many types and makes of vehicles

  • Stock from a network of specialist WAV dealers

Used Vehicles


Browse WAV available for sale in the UK from the leading WAV trade dealers and private sellers – free home demonstrations and delivery is available on most vehicles – or find a local dealer to visit in person.

Brand New


Compare and includes a range of new wheelchair vehicles which are available to buy privately or through the Motability scheme – from the leading WAV specialists in the UK.

Hire WAV


We aim to match your exact requirements to the best possible WAV. We are proud to have played our part in helping thousands of people across the UK increase both their mobility and freedom.

Sell Your WAV


Do you have a WAV to sell? – We can help. We have 1000’s of visitors each week, every single person is interested in only WAV. If you have a WAV for sale we can help you sell it, quickly and easily.

The Drive From WAV:

This is where the wheelchair user is the driver of the vehicle and, as the name suggests, not only does the wheelchair user access the vehicle in their chair they also drive from their chair, which will be clamped in automatically.  All driving controls and safety features will have been installed to a design that meets the driver’s specific needs.

The Passenger WAV:

This enables the wheelchair user to travel safely and comfortably in their chair at all times as a passenger.

The Internal Transfer WAV:

This enables the wheelchair user to access the vehicle in their chair and then transfer with ease to the driving position.

If you are thinking of buying a WAV, take a look at our second hand showroom but first consider what your specific needs will be to ensure that the vehicle you purchase meets all your requirements.  Factors to consider include ensuring there are enough seats for you and your family to travel in comfort and making sure there is enough room to carry all the work or leisure equipment that you need.

Wheelchair adapted vehicles, cars, mini buses for all your needs – anywhere in the UK.

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