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Disabled Wheelchair Vehicles Birmingham

Massive stock of new or used cars, MPV and minibuses – hire and for sale.

If you are searching for a vehicle which has been fully adapted and converted for wheelchair access then we can meet all your needs. Whether you are looking for vehicles for sale or for hire on a short or long term basis then we can provide you with a price and quote.

We can also supply details and availability from a huge UK wide stock of used wheelchair accessible vehicles – all you need to do is complete the online form to your right or call us on 0843 523 5865.


Wheelchair vehicles Scotland

– You can hire from £30 per day.
– Low price used vehicles which are fully converted/accessible.
– Huge stock covering all makes and models

Anywhere in the UK – Massive range of adapted accessible vehicles – Contact us today – Used and brand new vehicles.



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Basic modifications: Lower floors in Wheelchair Accessible Vehicles Birmingham will give more spacious head room and allow for a shorter length of ramp while increasing its angle. It also means that there will not be as much clearance from the ground. This may present a problem for you if you use a route that contains speed bumps. Because of this modification, the gas tank may have been changed out completely or modified to better fit the WAV. This likely means filling up more often at the pump and may cause a malfunction of the gas gauge. Speak with your modifier about possible differences in costs of use.

Another possible modification option may be rear suspension lowering. Operated from a rear-mounted button or battery powered control, this will reduce angling of the ramp making access easier. Having a WAV with a raised roof rather than lowered floor still gives more head room but may present a problem when it comes to vehicle height clearance. If this vehicle will not be able to clear the area where normally park, this may not be the best option for you.

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