Adaptive Fitness Equipment

Adaptive Fitness Equipment

It is essentially a treadmill for use with wheelchairs

Wheelchair users can now get into tip-top physical condition thanks to the Invictus Active Trainer. It is essentially a treadmill for use with wheelchairs; one that can be set up virtually anywhere. You can find this trainer in fitness centres but you can also install one in your living room or bedroom. It is can be installed and left in place for subsequent workouts or be folded up and stored away.

This trainer is designed to give disabled people of all ages a rigorous upper body workout. The user reverses their wheelchair onto specially designed rollers using a small ramp. Once the back wheels are in place you can begin pushing the wheels as you normally do, only this time you will remain in the same spot.

Adaptive Fitness Equipment

Increase and improving your cardiovascular health

In the process of pushing you get to work on various muscles in your arms, chest, back and abdomen. As you do so your heart rate will increase, improving your cardiovascular health as well as your respiratory system. Another additional benefit is better balance and pushing technique on your wheelchair.

The beauty of this kind of adaptive fitness equipment is it gives users multiple levels of resistance. This will enable you to develop a workout regime that will see you progressively increase your strength and stamina. Adjusting the angle of the rollers will enable you to focus the workout on different muscle groups for a more proportional upper body.

Overall the trainer will see to it that you burn calories and shed body fat- an intense 30-minute workout can see you consume 350kcal. Lower cholesterol levels mean lower blood pressure and a lower risk of developing heart conditions or type 2 diabetes. You will also be able to improve your mental health by exercising regularly. People who are more physically active have been found to have a more positive outlook in life.

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