Best Wheelchair Scales

Best Wheelchair Scales

Weighing yourself whilst you are still in your wheelchair

Physically disabled wheelchair users sometimes find it difficult to keep track of their weight, and any possible gain in weight, as they cannot always stand upright independently on a standard weight scale. However, now on the market are scales specifically designed for wheelchair users. These scales have ramps that allow the user to wheel himself/herself onto the scale and, once they are in place, the scale will give an accurate reading. The wheelchair should be weighed separately and then by subtracting this reading from the reading of both wheelchair and occupant, the correct weight of the wheelchair user should be arrived at.

The benefit of wheelchair users

Although most hospitals and clinics have weighing machines for the benefit of wheelchair users it is not always convenient to visit one of these centres and this is where lightweight portable scales come in handy.  There are portable scales on the market that will easily store away when they are not needed, can be accessed at either end of the scales and stand only a few centimetres off the ground.

Some Portable Wheelchair Scales have the following specifications

  • Extremely lightweight for transportation ease
  • Castors and carry handles and castors for additional transport ease
  • Long non-slip ramps on either side allowing easy access
  • TARE and BMI functions
  • Weighing increments of 100g
  • Scale weight: can be approx 28kgs
  • Maximum load weight: 300kgs

Some benefits of Portable Wheelchair Scales

• Can be used by all persons in a wheelchair
• Access can be from both ends of the scales
• Battery powered and with a frame that is lightweight the scales are extremely mobile and can be moved from place to place whenever needed.
• The feet will self-align and are capable of finding the surface level for accurate weighing.

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