Clip On Handcycle For Wheelchair

Clip On Handcycle For Wheelchair

TriRide allows wheelchair users to finally experience the freedom

Most people have no problem throwing on a pair of shoes and going out over rough terrain. Wheelchair users face a different situation: most wheelchairs are designed to be pushed over flat surfaces without much in the way of obstacles. Add in the fact that pushing a wheelchair can be very tiring over an extended time such as a long day out in a city and you can see wheelchair users certainly don’t have it easy. This presents a particular challenge for wheelchair users, especially those who want to live a more independent or active lifestyle.

Getting an attachment from a handbike company like TriRide allows wheelchair users to finally experience the freedom and ease of travelling farther and to more places.

The benefits to getting a TriRide wheelchair attachment are numerous. Keep reading to find out what we think of the TriRide line up of handcycle attachments.

TriRide Handbike Attachments Allow More Freedom and Mobility

Wheelchair users don’t need to be told the biggest obstacle faced by different types of environments. Terrain such as these can present the biggest problems:

  • Hills
  • Grass
  • Dirt and gravel
  • Sand
  • Bumpy roads

Pushing over curbs and sidewalks in a city can also present a problem. The TriRide wheelchair attachments take care of these unique situations. So, how does it work?

How Do the TriRide Attachments Work and Why Are They So Effective

The TriRide attachments work by connecting to the front of your wheelchair and elevating the front wheels slightly, just enough so they’re off the ground but not so much that you feel like you’re at risk falling over.

The assembly time only takes a few minutes, as the attachment is easy to clip on and power up.

The TriRide front wheel is designed for all sorts of difficult terrain, and has excellent grip.

The battery life is good for over 50km, which is plenty of time to travel around for a full day.

The riding speed is fast enough to zip around without being too fast. The best part is you don’t need to worry about tiring out from pushing yourself around all day!

TriRide Base vs TriRide Special

TriRide does their best to keep their catalog simple. Their handcycle attachments come in only two different versions:

  1. TriRide Base Model
  2. TriRide Special

The two are very similar with a few distinct differences.

The TriRide Base has everything we’ve talked about so far. It has the advantage of being lighter, quieter, and more affordable of the two models. It does everything the TriRide Special does without all the extras.

The TriRide Special has a bigger motor, so it’s both faster and can travel longer distances because of the larger battery size.

So if you find yourself travelling or out of the house for long periods of time, the Special might be best for you.

If you’re looking reliable handbike attachment to get you around and all you need are the basics, then the TriRide Base model should fit your needs perfectly.

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