Freewheel Attachment Wheelchair

Freewheel Attachment Wheelchair

Freewheel attachment is the answer to your trouble

Being a wheelchair user is not easy. You need to have strong hands to be able to roll the wheels and go from one place to another. It requires patience because the two wheels are attached directly parallel to the body. With this, you need to exert effort because you also need to carry the weight of your body. Now you do not have to worry anymore because freewheel attachment is the answer to your trouble.

Here are just some of the positive points that will surely make you turn to our freewheel for your wheelchair support:

freewheel attachment wheelchair

Freewheel lifts your wheelchair casters off the ground

One of the reasons why it is a bit hard for you to move in a wheelchair is the distance of your feet to the ground. You can feel the pressure of your weight because most of the base parts of the wheelchair is attached directly to the ground. With the help of a freewheel, you will enjoy more space from the base because your wheelchair is lifted off the ground. It will then be easier for you to move and to manipulate the chair.

You’ll have a three-wheeler chair

Even with bicycles, there is an advantage if there is a third or a support wheel. In the case of a wheelchair, a third wheel can make your movement faster. Travelling is made easier because the speed of the wheelchair increases because of the support of the attached wheel. You no longer have to feel sorry about yourself because you can now move faster even while you sit in the chair. It can add up to your confidence and independence. You no longer have to be assisted by anyone if you want to go faster.


It is easy to attach

One of the best parts of the reviews about freewheel is the convenience and the easy process in attaching it. You do not have to worry about technical stuff because you can attach it in just few seconds. At first, you just have to be familiar about how it is being done. When you are already accustomed to it, you will just need five seconds to assemble it. No sweat, just pure fun and convenience.

Grass, gravel and sand will no longer hinder you

One of the problems that you may face when you are a wheelchair user is the inconvenience of traveling in a grassy or sandy area. The sand my go to the tiny spaces around the wheel and sometimes, it slows down your movement. This is why you need a higher distance from the base to the ground. And this is the role of the freewheel. Once attached, it will effectively assist the two-wheeler chair to make it easier to go through these rough areas.

It is durable and can be used long term

One of the best features of the product is its durability. It can be used in any kind of surface. Be it a gravel pathway or a sandy place or even a grassy park, it is designed to be used in areas such are these. So you do not have to worry about the worth of your money. You can make sure that you will get more than how much you have invested. And for one, this is the best investment you can have. Not only for your personal comfort but also for your own independence.

The satisfaction of the customers is the main consideration of the manufacturers of freewheel. The main goal is to make travelling with the wheelchair easier and more comfortable. The world is a place that has to be enjoyed. Enjoy freedom, joy and independence in travelling alone, trust freewheel and it can take you anywhere your heart desires.

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