Invictus Active Trainer

Invictus Active Trainer

An Overview of the Invictus Active Trainer

The Invictus Active Trainer is a great fitness equipment designed specifically for wheelchair users. It is an ideal solution that aims to improve overall fitness, balance, and pushing technique. The Invictus Active Trainer designers are wheelchair users themselves. This product came to be as an answer to the problems of fitness equipment for wheelchair users: not mobile, heavy, and unavailable in most areas.

Several benefits can be achieved when using this wheelchair roller. The trainer enables easy weight loss by burning more calories with the aid of the arms and the upper body. Data shows an approximate of 300 to 350 kcal is being lost in a 30-minute workout. It also helps build stronger muscles due to the improvement of the balance and techniques used. When constant speed is maintained, “road-like” pushing is also stimulated for easier and better accessibility. The pros of Invictus Active Trainer are numerous that even athletes use this for high-intensity sports workouts and training.

invictus active trainer

Different models of Invictus Active Trainer are available to meet the needs and the requirements of end users:

  1. Standard – This model includes a complete trainer but has no capacity to record any data.
  2. Smart – This model includes a complete trainer equipped with a sensor for speed and distance.
  3. Smart Plus – This model includes a complete trainer with built in speed and distance sensor, heart rate monitor, and phone stand.

Other key features of Invictus Active Trainer that make it a good choice for many are as follows:

  • Suitable for anyone and any wheelchair models
  • Lightweight (Estimated product weight is 50.7 lbs.)
  • Portable design with dimensions of 105 cm x 150 cm when fully assembled and 30 cm x 50 cm when folded
  • Easy to set up and assemble within 10 minutes with the aid of video tutorials and written instructions
  • Includes four rollers working independently
  • Easily connects to phone or tablet for better monitoring
  • Records data and keeps track of the progress
  • Easy to use either indoors or outdoors
  • Space saver due to easy removal of ramps and easy folding or rollers when not in use
  • Ready to go allowing easy wheeling on and off
  • Ships worldwide, with FREE delivery within the UK
  • Offers a no quibble guarantee of up to 14 days

Invictus Active Trainer

The Invictus Active Trainer can be set up wherever and whenever you want. It is portable and easy to put together. You can set it up at your home, at the gym, and even at the clinic. It is a versatile fitness equipment designed by wheelchair users for wheelchair users.

If you are interested in trying out the Invictus Active Trainer and would like to have a demonstration, then go to this website to schedule one. You can also avail of the 14 days no quibble guarantee, where a trainer will be delivered to your doorstep, and should you wish to return the trainer within 14 days, we’ll do a complete refund, but rest assured, we know that this is a product you would love and would like to keep.

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