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Patricia Clem was residing until Thursday on the ends of recognition. This is the morning the Hulk sex tape scandal erupted on the net. By Friday, her name became among the keyphrases that were most popular on Google. Who is she? View all 8 pictures That is not likely the way she would have desired to become popular, and, in truth, it is nevertheless uncertain that Heather Clem could be the “puzzle girl” who looks within the bright, dark and grainy video which was placed to But, according to there was which a study printed by not or whether she’s the girl on the video, associates close to the account are declaring she is “devastated” and “embarrassed” from the scandal. That is research that is fairly persuasive. Why would she even care usually? The facts are these: Louise Clem may be the ex wife of Todd Alan Clem, aka “Bubba The Love Sponge” who’s a stereo DJ based in Florida and previously Hulk Hogan’s BFF writing college level essays in the times when Bubba covered Hoganis wrestling occupation on stereo and did many exclusive backstage interviews together with the Hulkster at his suits. The Clems separated after over four years of relationship in June of 2011.

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Patricia Clem has a daughter from a past union. It’s not distinct if the Hulk sex tape was produced, not or so it’s not identified whether, if Louise Clem was the woman in the video, either one was committed at the time. To date, there has been no standard refusal from Patricia Clem that she is the puzzle lady. But a review of the few photos published for the website describes Hulk Hogan was nervous to really have a tryst together with her. She is one lady that is beautiful. Check the images’ slideshow out published to the website sofar. It’s very probable that range will develop within the nights and weeks to come. To put it differently, Louise Clem is all about to acquire a lot more popular, whether she wished not or to.

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