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WAVs – The Varieties Available for Persons in a Wheelchair
It is high time that disabled people get full access to all areas of motoring just like any other person and this has been clearly understood by manufacturers. The vehicles that are wheelchair accessible are being utilised cleverly and the results are the current day Wheelchair Accessible Vehicles (WAVs).

Not only are there a variety of options available, they do not differ a great deal from a normal vehicle. They are practical to use and, when seen on the road, they look very much like any other vehicle and nobody can tell that they are mobility adapted cars.

Choices of Wheelchair Accessible Vehicles
Firstly, a WAV can be altered according to the user’s requirements in any way they wish. If the driver is a wheelchair user, the driver’s seat can be changed accordingly. Alternatively, the wheelchair can also be accommodated in the passenger section. Ramps and mechanical lifts can be added to gain easy entry and exit.

WAVs can be classified into three types of vehicle.

Conversion vans
Large conversion vans are popular amongst wheelchair users. These vans are very spacious and can work well for long journeys, somewhat like an RV. They can accommodate larger sized wheelchairs or any other equipment that the person may need.

Minivans are growing more popular in the mobility adapted vehicles section as they are cheaper than conversion vans and most ergonomic designs of wheelchair do not need the space that is available in the conversion vans. Although there is not as much available space as a conversion van there is still ample space in a minivan and enough for most WAV users.

SUVs are smaller than minivans but offer more luxury in terms of driving pleasure. The style and the comfort of driving can be truly experienced in an SUV and therefore they are gaining popularity fast.

One stop shop for WAVs – Wheelchair Accessible Vehicles Stratford

Do you want to buy a suitable WAV at a reasonable cost?

Are you forced to consider one out of only three choices available to you?

Do you want to look at the many choices available before choosing the right WAV for you?

Would it be a better choice for you to rent out a WAV, thereby being a cheaper option?

Is it more sensible to go for a short-term lease option for your WAV?

If your answer to any of the questions above is ‘yes’ then Wheelchair Accessible Vehicles Stratford is the destination for you. Our experienced professionals are always there to help you with everything you need to know and can guide you through the process of choosing the right vehicle taking every factor into consideration. You need not cut back on the joy of travelling just because you use a wheelchair. Visit Wheelchair Accessible Vehicles Stratford – your one stop shop for WAVs!

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