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Wheelchair Access Vehicles Redditch

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If you need a car to carry you and your wheelchair you can get a vehicle adapted with various accessories to provide safe and comfortable driving and also adaptations that make getting in and out of the vehicle a lot easier. There are numerous motoring accessories available on the market for people with lower and upper body disabilities, and even both in Wheelchair Access Vehicles Redditch

These motoring accessories include hand controls to help you operate both the brake and accelerator. Steering wheel knobs are also available for easier manipulation of the wheel and also to give better control in your Wheelchair Access Vehicles Redditch.

For easier access into the vehicle a wheelchair lift or a wheelchair hoist is a good idea together with rotating seats, safety belts, seat belts and harnesses. For better all round vision mirrors can be specifically adapted to suit a person’s height and visibility.


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If you have a particular disability in your lower body, for example if you have lost the use of your right leg or have reduced use in the right leg, consider having an automatic car and a flip-up left-foot accelerator fitted on the left side of the brake pedal or a vehicle with a semi-automatic clutch that would allow you to use the gearbox manually without pedals for the clutch.

For anyone who has lost both legs there are various adaptations such as hand controls particularly with an automatic transmission vehicle.

For anyone with a disability of the upper body, joystick steering is an option in addition to moving the handbrake to the right side of the driver’s seat. Another adaptation is having the horn and direction indicators within reach of the fingers or as controls operated by the feet.



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Even though you may have lost the use of both your arms it is still possible to drive but with controls that have been designed specifically for your particular ability/disability.

Don’t forget that with any kind of adaptation, the use should be fully explained to you if and when you purchase a vehicle (Wheelchair Access Vehicles Redditch) or have it adapted for your use and you may need to undertake training depending on the adaptation.

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