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For wheelchair users, getting around can (but should not!) be complicated. Although public transport does provide a service for disabled people, buses and trains do not always go where required, when required. Getting into a standard car from a wheelchair can be uncomfortable, painful, and even dangerous for a person with limited mobility, and then there is the problem of accommodating the wheelchair in the car as well. The solution is a vehicle which has been specially adapted cars Widnes to accommodate a wheelchair with the user.

wheelchair accessible vehicles widnes


Accessible Vehicles

Wheelchair adapted vehicles allow the wheelchair user to remain in their chair while getting into and out of the vehicle and while travelling. This reduces the risk of injury and increases comfort and security. The wheelchair enters and exits the vehicle using either a ramp or a lift. The most common types of wheelchair accessible vehicles Widnes have access through a large rear door via ramps which fold down. The wheelchair user simply propels him or herself up the ramps and then locks the chair securely into position for the journey. Arriving at their destination the wheelchair is freed and descends the ramps onto the ground.

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With rear-entering wheelchair adapted vehicles Widnes sufficient space needs to be left behind to allow the ramps to be deployed and they have the disadvantage that entry and descent are made directly onto the road. For these reasons, some people prefer a side door which allows entry from the pavement and does not require an over-long parking space.

Most standard wheelchair vehicles for sale Widnes accommodate the wheelchair and user in the rear part of the vehicle with room for the driver and a passenger, or luggage in the front. In some conversions, the wheelchair can pass right through the vehicle to be located where the passenger seat should be. Sometimes these types of conversions have fold-down seats in the rear so that once the wheelchair has passed through they can be folded down for other passengers.

Standard Adaptations To Accommodate A Wheelchair

There are a number of small vehicles which come with standard adaptations to accommodate a wheelchair. There are also specialised workshops who can convert any suitable vehicle to meet specific requirements.  It is even possible to convert a vehicle so that it can be driven by a person directly from their wheelchair. This type of wheelchair adapted vehicle is much more expensive as alterations normally have to be made to the way in which the car is driven as well as for access.  All conversions must be done by an authorised mechanic and must meet strict safety standards.

While self-drive wheelchair adapted vehicles are quite pricey, some of the new standard conversions that are available are surprisingly reasonably priced. Used vehicles can also be a more economic option or consider hiring a wheelchair accessible vehicle for holidays.  We can assist you in deciding which model of vehicle best suits your needs and budget and can help you find the best deals on both new and used vehicles, and we can also provide a list of specialised conversion experts to do a customised conversion.

Purchasing wheelchair accessible vehicles Widnes is an important decision, so make sure that you arm yourself with all the available information and seek out our free expert advice. After all, this could be a life-changing investment.

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