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Disabled Showers
Disabled Showers

Disabled Shower & Baths

All our bathing solutions are easy to use, safe and reliable. Tailored to your needs we are sure that we have a product and service that you are looking for and make life that little bit easier.

We offer free no obligation quotes and advice in the Sheffield area for all disabled showers and baths, each are designed to have easy access – with the added benefit of a discounted price.

Disabled Showers
Disabled Showers
Disabled Showers

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“…my new accessible bath is so much safer to use… Hanah, Worksop…”

Many people have regained independence and improved their quality of life by having a disabled bath Sheffield fitted in their current bathroom. The daily act of bathing becomes much easier for individuals when they don’t have to rely on others to assist them as they enter and exit the bath.

You’ll have a lot to consider when deciding which of the many walk in baths available on the market you’ll choose for your home. You’ll have a large selection of tubs to choose from that make it easier to enter and exit the bath as well as offering you options safety features to help ensure your safety. Support bars, seats and even whirlpool jets are available in various models and many can be customized to fit your specific needs.

Having a new accessible bathroom installed in your home is as easy as contacting us. We will handle the rest. We will have a company that services your area come to your home at a time and date convenient to you in order to get all the information to provide you with a detailed quote. They will examine your current bathroom and its fixtures, take all the appropriate measurements and provide you with both a quote to complete the work as well as a proposed layout. Finally, the company will return on the time and date specified to complete the work necessary to give you a safe, accessible bathroom.

If you’re looking for more information on installing a disabled shower or are looking for a reputable company in your area, contact us today.

Due to the fact that when people age, they become less capable of carrying out every day tasks, there are numerous options available for enhancing the home. This means that individuals and elderly couples can stay at home for longer, rather than going into care. Disabled showers are one option for those who become infirm. However, disabled showers are also available for those of any age who suffer a sudden injury. Safety and accessibility are important for those who suffer a disability.

Bathroom modifications – other than disabled baths – include higher toilets on which it is easier to sit and taps which are easier to turn on and off than regular faucets. However, what if you don’t have a bath installed in your home, and all you have is a shower? There are also numerous kinds of walk in showers available if you have suffered a disability.

You or your parents may want to remodel your bathroom so that you or they can wash and bathe comfortably. If space is at a premium, then a disabled shower is a great option. Ramps of various kinds may be installed at the shower door. These can be a great option rather than a heightened or raised door frame that you might expect for a shower. Also available are grab bars and hand railings of various kinds that enable for the entering and exiting of the shower comfortably. Hand held shower heads may be installed, allowing for an easier wash. Chair lifts of various kinds are now available to enable you to wash more comfortably too. Also available are full body dryers for those who have difficulty towelling down. All electrical devices will be waterproof and compliant to prevent any chance of shock. So whether you are growing old, or you have recently become disabled, you should seriously consider installing a walk in shower baths. 19th Dec 11.

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