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Disabled Showers
Disabled Showers

Disabled Showers Bradford

We can meet all of your walk in shower Bradford and bathing needs. With an extensive product range there are many different types of disabled baths and baths with easy access.

If you are looking for disabled showers they do make life a whole lot easier and are the ideal replacement for a traditional bath tub – get your quick and easy quote today via the form on the right.

Disabled Showers
Disabled Showers
Disabled Showers

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Disabled Showers Bradford | Disabled Baths
Walk In Shower Bradford

“…we should of had this shower years ago! thank you…Thom, Keighley…”

People suffering from mobility issues are increasingly proactive in exploring accessible options to reduce their reliance on family members and carers.  One item that you should explore if you’re in this segment of the population is a walk in bath.  These specially designed tubs allow you to easily enter and exit the bath, reducing the risk of slips and falls.

Disabled showers/baths have come a long way over the years as more companies look to assist the aging population and those with mobility issues.  The number of fixtures available now have vastly increased and you’ll be able to select a bath that suits your budget and specific safety needs.  With customizable features such as built in seats, ribbed support poles and shower screens, you’ll be able to get a new tub that looks great, matches your décor and reduces the chances of slips and falls.

If you’re interested in having an accessible bath added to your home but aren’t sure where to start, contact us and we can assist you.  We can have a company representative arrive at your home to take a look at your current bathroom and get all the necessary information to provide you with a free quote.  They will provide you with information about some of the tubs and options available.  Once all the details are worked out, their team will go through the process of converting your current bathroom into an accessible one.

Our mission is to help your gain the information you need to make an informed decision on the installation of a new walk in shower.  Contact us and let us help you find a qualified professional in your area so you can obtain a free quote!

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