Wheelchair Accessible Access Vehicles Shrewsbury

Wheelchair Accessible Access Vehicles Shrewsbury

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Wheelchair Accessible Vehicles Shrewsbury (WAVs) are simply cars modified into vehicles dedicated for those travelling in wheelchairs so that access is easy and possible. The vehicles are engineered, designed and equipped specifically to ensure safe and comfortable journey for wheelchair passengers. Wheelchair Accessible Vehicles can also be used by those wishing to drive from a wheelchair. The basic construction of a WAV is based on standard models.

WAVs are furnished and prepared with unique features such as built-in ramp, lifts, wheelchair tie-downs and special seat belts for wheelchair users. These features guarantee convenient entry for passengers to the WAV with an assurance for enhanced safety while travelling or driving.

Wheelchair access vehicles Shrewsbury are available in two categories. A passenger WAV is a vehicle designed specifically to let passengers sit comfortably and safely throughout the journey. The WAV for wheelchair driver is highly useful for a wheelchair user who wants to drive from their wheelchair. These vehicles also come fortified with unique custom controls and features requisite for ensuring users independent and safe drive.

The roof and floor on accessible vehicles guarantee convenient access and sufficient space for a wheelchair user. The features integrated depend on the type and model of the vehicle chosen. A number of facilities are included for different types of conversion.

WAVs come equipped with a ramp or lift for larger vehicles depending upon the needs of a user. The access offered is usually from the side or the back of the vehicle. It is crucial to understand a passenger’s preference of entry prior to determining the access. The idea is to provide a passenger with ease of access and comfortable ride on WAV.

Wheelchair Accessible Access Vehicles ShrewsburySeating layouts are different for different vehicles. Deciding on a position that best suits a passenger is crucial. Offering passengers a clear view of outside is also important. Many other details such as the size of the window, slope of the floor etc. should be taken into account. Last but not the least; the WAV needs to have adequate headroom.

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