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Disabled wheelchair cars Eastbourne

Large enough vehicle and fairly good mobility and dexterity for your disabled wheelchair car Eastbourne

If you are wondering what type of access would be best for your Wheelchair Accessible Vehicle, a ramp is a comparatively cheap method but you would need a large enough vehicle and fairly good mobility and dexterity for your disabled wheelchair car Eastbourne.

Ramps can be obtained from any supplier of adaptations and can cost anything from £100 – £500 depending on the company and the quality. They can be carried in the boot on hooked onto the rear of the vehicle, as they are portable.


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If you have a powered wheelchair it will go up the ramp under its own power or an electric winch can be used. If you need someone to help you manoeuvre your wheelchair it will enable him or her to easily push the wheelchair up into the vehicle.

Folding or telescopic ramps are easy to manoeuvre especially if they have handles for carrying a disabled wheelchair car Eastbourne.



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If you drive yourself and plan to use the ramp on your own you will need to:

  • Firstly remove the ramp, fit it into position and then also store it away afterwards.
  • Once you have stowed your wheelchair you will need to get to the driver’s seat.
  • Always make sure there is sufficient room to store the ramp once the wheelchair is inside the vehicle.
  • Secure the ramp to make sure is doesn’t move about whilst you are driving. This is usually done using pins that slot into locating holes drilled into the floor of the vehicle.

Always remember:

  • To check that the side guards are high enough so that your wheelchair doesn’t fall off and that they don’t catch underneath your chair when you are going up the ramp.
  • To leave enough room behind your disabled wheelchair car Eastbourne for the entire length of the ramp and the length of your wheelchair. Ramps need to be fairly long so that the slope is not too steep.
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