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As many people will have found out, Multiple Sclerosis or MS as it is commonly known, can be quite unpredictable and can affect different people in many different ways. Some symptoms are the same for everyone but people can experience different symptoms. Symptoms can also range from mild to severe and can be permanent but also sometimes temporary. Some MS symptoms can affect the way sufferers drive and include:


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  • Loss of balance and/or co-ordination that affects walking.
  • Tingling in feet or hands and also sometimes numbness in those areas.
  • Spasms or muscle stiffness
  • Problems with sight such as blurred vision.
  • Extreme fatigue causing problems with physical or mental activity.
  • Difficulty with thinking and memory.
  • Loss of dexterity and muscle strength.



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If you have only a small amount of loss in muscle control this will not necessarily affect your ability where driving a car is concerned but you would be required to show sufficient dexterity and co-ordination with all the necessary features of driving such as steering, braking, accelerating and using other controls. There is a range of available adaptations that can help ensure you drive safely and with confidence. Memory, good concentration and an awareness of other road users and the environment are also very essential and important when driving. An assessment at a Mobility Centre can help you identify and remedy some of these problems.

You must let the DVLA know, and also your insurance company, when your diagnosis of MS is confirmed and when your driving abilities change to a significant degree. You must also inform the insurance company of any adaptations you have had made to your car. When considering a choice of vehicle from Wheelchair Access Vehicles Kent, if you have lost strength, sensation or control from your legs or arms, bear in mind the following adaptations:

However, it is possible you may be able to continue driving an ordinary car, that has no adaptations, for some time, especially if it an automatic and has power steering.

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  • Brake assistance can be added if the control or strength in your legs is not good. This will have the effect of reducing the effort required to brake.
  • The vehicle can be fitted with a different type of hand control to suit your disability.
  • Footrests can be made to fit and to a shape to suit you.
  • A left foot accelerator that flips up can be installed if you have problems with your right leg.
  • A pedal guard could be fitted to ensure that your foot does not cause interference with the pedals.

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