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Wheelchair Access Vehicles Southampton

Find a company in your area that has cars, vans or mini buses for sale or for hire – that are wheelchair accessible!

In this day and age there is no valid reason why a wheelchair user should not be able to travel independently either by driving their own vehicle or travelling as a passenger, again in their own vehicle.

There is a good variety of wheelchair access vehicles southampton around both brand new and ‘pre-owned’ and many can be looked at on The Accessible Planet.com website.


Wheelchair vehicles Scotland
There are a large number of different makes and models available for the users of wheelchair that lets them travel safely, easily and with comfort either driving from their wheelchair, transferring from their wheelchair to the driving seat or travelling as a passenger in their wheelchair and below are the three main featured WAVs:



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The Drive from Wheelchair Accessible Vehicle:

This type of WAV enables the user of the wheelchair to sit inside the vehicle, in their wheelchair, and to drive with confidence as the wheelchair will always be automatically clamped into position. Any safety features and controls would need to be installed to fit the specific needs of the disabled person. It will enhance your expereience with Wheelchair access vehicles southampton.

The Passenger Wheelchair Accessible Vehicle

This type of vehicle will enable to the user of the wheelchair to travel in comfort and safety as a passenger, in their wheelchair, in the rear of the WAV.

The Internal Transfer Wheelchair Accessible Vehicle

This type will probably be fitted with a swivel seat enabling the user of the wheelchair to transfer easily from their wheelchair into the driving seat.

Once you have ascertained which type of WAV is the most suitable for you, look around for the make and model of vehicle that you like, take it for a test drive to make sure that it suits you and meets all your requirements, check out the price and insurance premium and, before you know it, you will be enjoying pleasurable independent motoring of wheelchair access vehicles southampton.

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