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What are Wheelchair Accessible Vehicles (WAVs)

Wheelchair Accessible Vehicles (WAVs) are specially modified or designed vehicles that facilitate the travel of a person in a wheelchair. According to the type of wheelchair accessible vehicle, the person may be travelling as a passenger or driver. While on first thought, these vehicles may be seen in one’s mind as particularly different from normal vehicles, this isn’t generally the case. Most WAVs are adapted so that they are not too big or impractical for use as normal vehicles. In fact, you may have encountered many WAVs on the road and not noticed a difference. WAVs allow the person to travel in comfort in his/her wheelchair and also conveniently enter or exit the vehicle.


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Types of Wheelchair Accessible Vehicles

Adapted Vehicles can be sorted into many different types according to classification criteria. If we consider the type and size of vehicle, there are three distinct types of WAVs that are popular. First is the Conversion Van type which is perhaps the most fundamental choice for most Accessible Car seekers initially. The perks of converted vans, like possibility of TV, sleeping space, etc., accompany the modification into a Wheelchair Adapted Vehicle.

The second type is the Minivan converted to a wheelchair accessible vehicle. Here the user trades ample space for less cost of the vehicle. However, in some models, there is sufficient space for comfortable use.

Also the type, size, and model of WAV may change according to your decision to use it as a driver or merely a passenger for the wheelchair-bound person. These factors alongside your budget, etc. decide on the type and model of wheelchair accessible vehicle that you would finally choose.



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SUVs make the third class, whose popularity has slowly risen. SUVs offer luxuries, but modifications are significant and also the costs. However, since there is a growing market for SUVs converted to WAVs, it is one of the major classes of wheelchair accessible vehicles.

Wheelchair accessible vehicles can also be sorted according to the modifications that you desire or prefer. For example, some WAVs may aid the entry and exit via a ramp while others may offer a separate mechanical lift. Most vans are featured with a ramp that can be used to drive the wheelchair into the vehicle. SUVs offer entry and exit obviously through the side doors which require the modifications.

Wheelchair Cars London – One Place, All WAVs

If you are going through the painful procedure of finding the right WAV, let Wheelchair Cars London help you. Here at Wheelchair Cars London, you will find a huge variety of all types of wheelchair accessible vehicles. If you are looking to rent we got that for you. If you are looking to buy, you can go through different new and used models that we showcase.

Wheelchair Cars London can help you finalise your WAV as to suit your comfort, your style, and quite importantly your wallet. Our professionals will assist you and guide you in choosing the right vehicle so you don’t have to deal with any extra effort or pain and can experience the joy of travelling with comfort.

Additionally, many people need WAVs on a temporary basis. For such people, rental vehicles and short leases are available. Rental WAVs can be available for one day (such as a visiting wheelchair-bound person) or even for up to a year (for injury disabled people using wheelchairs).

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