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Wheelchair vehicles Chichester

Find a company in your area that has cars, vans or mini buses for sale or for hire – that are wheelchair accessible!


  • Ensure there will be enough space in the garage and that the WAV fits in your drive easily. Remember that you need enough space at the rear to enable the ramp to be used for entry into and exit from the vehicle. If you choose a vehicle with a side entry the same criteria applies.
  • Would you be able to drive the vehicle easily in traffic and on the various routes where you would drive normally?


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Is it Roomy enough?

  • Wheelchair vehicles Chichester also inculdes that How many passengers do you carry with you at any one time? Does the WAV have sufficient seating as well as enough room for any medical equipment you have to have with you?



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Security and Safety

  • As with any vehicle on the road, a high security level is essential and you may want to discover the NCAP Euro rating for that particular vehicle.
  • Ensure that it has any special features needed to enable you to travel safely and comfortably.
  • Ensure that it has any special features needed to enable you to travel safely and comfortably.
  • Ensure that you can safely secure any luggage or equipment inside the WAV.

Other factors to consider:

  • Are you happy with automatic transmission, as some adaptations will only work on an automatic vehicle?
  • Make sure wheelchair vehicles chichester has electric windows, air conditioning and central locking – all these features make motoring a more pleasurable experience.
  • Ask to take a test drive and make sure you are happy with the vehicle – if you are not completely happy, go away and go for another test drive the next day.
  • Make sure you can handle it easily and that the ride is comfortable as some conversions may be less comfortable and noisier than others.


  • As always, money is a very important consideration. Make sure the vehicle is a good price, you can afford it and it represents good value.
  • If you see a wheelchair vehicle chichester that you like, contact the insurance company and find out what the premium is likely to be. If you think it is too high contact one or two different insurance companies and see if they can offer a better price. The insurance for a WAV should be no different that an ordinary vehicle.
  • The price of fuel is always a consideration so try and find out the average fuel consumption.
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